Become a Host

Becoming a theatrical host has never been easier. Lots of performers often have to work away from home meaning they have to find short term (often 5-14 days) accommodation in towns/cities around the country. Unable to get a tenancy agreement or afford a hotel, they often just need a room to stay in. This is where you come in. Do you have a spare room? Simply.

Sign Up Theatrical Hosting

1. Sign Up & List a Room

Input your address (which is only provided to a guest when you accept a reservation), state your nightly rate, upload a photo of your room and describe the accommodation on offer.


2. Accept who you want, and when

This is completely in your control. You will get to see when the guest wants to stay, view their profile (which details past reviews from other hosts) before you decide to accept or decline a reservation.


3. Review

Review your guest post stay – giving them a star rating out of 5 and leave a comment. This will only strengthen our community and help future users have a better understanding. is passionate about making the experience less stressful for both sides of the reserving digs process. We provide both parties with accurate information via our quick and easy to use process. We feel this is a vital part of our community and we hope to be making it a stronger, safer place with every successful reservation.