Frequently Asked Questions

How many credits do I have to use to accept a booking?

It depends on the total amount of the stay. More information here: Credits Explained Page.

I don’t understand how credits work.

Further details can be found here: Credits Explained Page.

How much do credits cost?

We have different amounts that you can purchase starting at a minimum spend of £10. Further details available here: Credits Explained Page.

Can I get a receipt for my stay?

Yes, on the last day of any stay you will get an automatic email providing the details of your stay, the amount of credits used and the agreed price between both parties.

I have found a bug/error on the site.

Fantastic news. Please email – Or use the “Talk to Us” button to submit a report. We appreciate your help with perfecting this application.

I’m not getting any request to stay recently?

It is probably because you have no credits left in your account. Once you have no credits left your listing is removed from the guests search lists. We suggest that you regularly check you have credits in your account. More details about purchasing top up credits here: Credits Explained.

I keep getting declined requests. Why is this?

The Tour Digs system automatically declines requests if a host takes longer than 48 hours to accept/decline a request.

I’m not getting any requests from any guests.

There are lots of different reasons that this could be the case. Please check that you have credits available in your account and you have uploaded a photo of the room. If these are missing, your digs will not appear in guests searches. If you have enough credits and a photo of the room is uploaded then you may wish to check that your prices are competitive.

When should I pay my host?

Once the booking has been confirmed, Tour Digs have no further responsibility regarding the booking. This will be arranged between the host and the guest independent of Tour Digs. See our Terms & Conditions.

I have an idea about something that might be beneficial for the site.

Fantastic! Use the “talk to us button” and tell us all your opinions. We really do appreciate your help with developing an efficient system for booking theatre digs.

You have promised a change to the site. When will this be released?

The Tour Digs Team carry out weekly updates to the site. The changes and updates are regularly posted on our blog and social media platforms. The complexity of the update/change, will have a direct connection to the length of time for a change/update to be implemented.

I would like to contact my host but currently unable to do so.

Once your booking has been confirmed, you will be able to contact the host.

I can’t make another reservation request.

That is right! If you have already requested a room for a particular time period, you will have to wait for a response from the host before you can try to book an alternative for the same time period. However, you are able to request and reserve bookings for different weeks/dates other than the dates you are awaiting a confirmation. After 48 hours, if a request has not been responded to by the host, the Tour Digs Team will send an automatic decline. If you receive a decline automatically or from the host themselves, you will then be able to search and reserve another room for your chosen dates.

There are no search results at my theatre.

The system only searches within 50 miles. Also, it could be that all the available hosts are booked up for the dates of your search. You could try changing the dates slightly (1 day different could help improve your search) to get different results. It could be that we are short of digs in the area of your search, therefore, your help with spreading the word would help all concerned with booking theatre digs.

The venue/theatre I am working at, does not appear on your theatre list.

You can click “can’t find it in our list” button and drop a pin on the venue yourself. Also, we would appreciate that you let us know via the “talk to us button”. A member of the Tour Digs team will add it to the system for you.