You can help the TourDigs community grow.

Next time you enjoy your stay at any digs in the UK, please consider referring the Host to, so that not only the host can benefit from our system but the rest of the touring community will be able to enjoy a similar experience to you, at highly recommended digs.

If you are a Host and know of another Host (not currently on with great digs, then please consider referring them to

It is your responsibility to discuss this with the Host and ask for their permission to supply their email address to TourDigs. Once you have the referred Host’s permission, add your recommended host onto the TourDigs banner which is at the bottom of every page on our website.

If your recommended host signs up, both yourself and the host will receive an additional 40 TourDigs Credits (£20 worth of reservations FREE). These referral credits will automatically be added to your TourDigs Credit accounts, when the referred host purchases their first TourDigs credit top up.

You will need to be signed up with TourDigs yourself, before you can recommend a host.

This offer is currently an introductory offer and TourDigs reserves the right to change or end this offer at any time.